Charlie Pommier


Your Online Magazine is awesome!

We read it every day, and wanted to present you our Charlie Pommier furniture.

We strarted our production in 2016. and would mean a lot to us to appear in such a magazine as yours.

If you wind our furniture interesting you can publish an article about our furniture.

Philosophy of our Furniture

We’ve invested a lot of hard work, effort and enthusiasm in design and production of our furniture in order to provide our clients with first-class products.

All our pieces of furniture are assemblable forming a nice shape.

We believe that the future of furniture production lies on folding furniture due to the modern way of living. Our folding furniture is the same look, comfort, material as the regular furniture.
By its look, you would never think that our furniture is foldable.

Best Quality

Our primary objective is to offer its customers products that are of the highest quality workmanship and comfort. All our products are handcrafted and represent the best that furniture has to offer.

French Design

Our chief designer, French architect Charlie Pommier made sure that every piece of our furniture has a unique, beautiful and distinctive design developed in France.

High Quality Materials

All our pieces of furniture are made of first class materials. For our production we use only solid wood, leather, glass, magnets and other natural high quality materials.

Assemblable structure

All our pieces of furniture are assemblable, so they can be easily packed in a small box.
All our models of furniture are tested and perfectly safe.

We ship worldwide

Thanks to our assemblable structure, shipping is very fast and cheap. All our pieces of furniture can be fitted in a small box and be easily shipped anywhere in the world.

Over 100 Available Colors

We have more than 100 available wood finishing options and more than 150 available coverings.
Choose your perfect combination.

There’re many reasons why folding furniture is better solution than the regular furniture:
• You can put it in your closet when you no longer need it.
• Easy to move to a new apartment.
• Cheap and fast shipping anywhere in the world.

All our models looks great even when they’re dismantled.
We invested a lot of time and energy to have 5 key segments in every piece of our furniture.
• Beautiful Design
• High quality materials
• Asseblable structure
• Comfort
• Stability

If you find our furniture interesting, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,


Charlie Pommier

Owner & Founder

Furniture Company

A: 12 Kataniceva 11000 Belgrade, Serbia
P: +381645117216
Skype: charlie.pommier