Hanna Tsybulskaya

Dear Team,

My name is Hanna Tsybulskaya, I’m a Balarussian Artist. My friend sent me the link of your magazine and i like it so much. You are doing really good job! All the information that you are printing out is very valuable for people from Art.
The idea of this message is that I have the information that i can provide.

Please forward this email to the person in Charge in case if you would like to cooperate with me.

Dear All,

This is the information that i have and i can provide for your issue, if it seams interesting for you i’m always ready to be in touch.

1. As you know there is very strong Art School in Russia, as I’m native speaker I have the opportunity to interview young Russian artists and designers (their experience, how do they sell their works – as i know this information is very valuable for artists all over the world and etc.) – and i have the network where are lots of artists who will be happy to share their «News».
So i can provide:
– pictures of paintings of artists from Russia
– information about artists / Art School they studied
– interviews
– contacts (if they would like to share with them)
Probably the «Space» for Artists can attract new readers.

2. I always have the material about last works of Art Contemporary World (as for Artists as for Designers) – their works are really fantastic and i’m more than sure that it will be interesting for people who are in love with Art and always looking for the news. I have a lot!

3. As artist i’m always have the last news about World Art Competitions and Awards (as for Artists as for Designers), this information can be useful for people from Art who read your Magazine. I have a lot and really good Awards.
I can provide:
– Information about Competitions and Awards for artists
– Information about Competitions and Awards for designers

These are ideas that i can share now but also i have some ideas that i already started realizing and collecting the information but unfortunately I have bad experience when my ideas were stolen so if you like please contact me back and i will be happy to clarify all of them.

For me as for Artist it’s also will be interesting to collaborate with an Issue and people from Art, so if you would like to work with me and you don’t have the information that i can provide (or have but would like to have more) – please contact me back. I will be happy to be in touch.
Anyway we can find out.
Thank you.

Have a good start of the week.

Warm regards